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sugaring, often referred to as sugar waxing, does not use wax. in sugaring, we use a paste made of sugar, water & lemon juice.  it's a gentle & more effective method of hair removal than waxing. 

sugar paste is non-toxic, sustainable & fully biodegradable, unlike wax.  it's also never hot, making it a safe option without the risk of dangerous burns. it's ideal for all skin types, including very sensitive skin prone to irritation, hyperpigmentation & ingrown hairs. 


a clean & kind alternative to waxing
prices vary.

guidelines for sugaring: for best results, please arrive to your appointment with clean, exfoliated skin that is dry and free of moisturizers, deodorants and oils. exfoliate 2-3 times per week. *please do not exfoliate skin 24 hours before/after treatment. *sun tanning should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment. *keep skin protected with a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 or higher maintenance sugared skin should be gently exfoliated regularly, kept clean and hydrated to help keep it smooth and healthy. sugaring services should be avoided for a period of 3-6 months after discontinuing use of Retin-A, Renova, Accutane (minimum 6 months), topical/oral cortisone or any other skin thinning, sensitizing medications and treatments. this includes all skin peeling treatments and products. please consult a physician beforehand if you are using these or similar products and or receiving treatments.

facial sugaring

eyebrow shaping 50

eyebrow maintenance 35            

upper lip 20        

chin 20            

cheeks 20

neck 25     

*face without brows 65+

sides of face to sideburns 20             


body sugaring

hands  20              

fingers 15            

feet  20              

toes 15     

lower arms with elbows 35 

upper arms with elbows 35       

*full arms 50+

under arms 25

shoulder 25

* legs 105+

*upper leg 55+

*lower leg with knees 55+

knees (front & back) 20

*full back  80+

*half back  40+        

*full stomach  45+

*lower stomach 25+

navel strip  15

full chest strip 30

butt cheeks 30

butt strip 25

breasts 30

nipples  15

*bikini line (front only) 40+

*deep bikini 55+

*brazilian  65+

inner thighs 20



all packages are non-transferable. no exceptions.

package x 6

bikini front $210+

bikini deep $265+

brazilian $330+

eyebrow maintenance $150

underarms $125


package x 12

bikini front $415+

bikini deep $500+

brazilian $625+

eyebrow maintenance $288

underarms $240

intimate sugaring details (bikini, deep bikini, brazillian) bikini line light cleanup of sides and across the top outside of panty line. front only. *not included: inner thighs, butt strip, belly strip deep bikini little or all hair is removed from the front with a small area of hair from the underside. no hair is removed from the labia. *not included: inner thighs, butt strip, belly strip brazilian all hair is removed from the front, labia & butt strip. *not included: inner thighs, belly strip bikini shaping add on $10 add on to bikini, deep bikini or brazilian. extra detailing to shape your strip, triangle, rectangle or square and trim to desired length. inner thighs add on $20

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