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skin care treatments

we offer treatments that address sun damage, acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation & loss of skin elasticity with little to no downtime. safe, effective & transformative.


be better naked.


prices vary.

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red light therapy

face + plant stem cell $35 | hands $25 unwind & soak up the healing benefits of light therapy. •reduce inflammation and appearance of redness •stimulate production of collagen •post procedure care for immediate visible results •improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone, etc. •reduce acne and appearance of post-acne marks •resulting in a more healthy, glowing, plumped looking complexion over time •provides nourishment to the skin by improving blood flow and circulation

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skin peel

this versatile, patented peel is deeply effective and self-neutralizes making it non-invasive and safe. innovative formula blends active acids, amino acids & hydrating emollients to work synergistically to help reverse signs of aging. this transformative peel deeply exfoliates to stimulate collagen & elastin production, reducing the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation & melasma while hydrating & nourishing skin. this powerful peel provides more healthy, glowing and plump looking skin over time to repair and transform your skin without down time. good for all ages, skin types and skin tones. the process this unique formula of 14 active acids breaks down dead skin cells on the outer layer of skin (epidermis), stimulating growth of new cells & helping them bind to moisture. the acids •TCA (35%): removes dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth •salicylic acid: decongests enlarged pores & prevents future bacterial growth •lactobionic acid: exfoliant packed with even more hydration than glycerin. plumps the skin barrier & prevents photo-aging by inhibiting collagen/ elastin breakdown •tartaric acid: antioxidant that provides targeted exfoliation and brightens the skin •citric acid: astringent effects, balancing oil levels and minimizing pores the effects of the acids above then allows amino acids to penetrate into the dermis (middle layer of skin) where collagen and elastin live. the following amino acids support collagen, elastin, ceramide, and keratin production while also helping retain moisture. the amino acids •glycine: the most abundant amino acid in collagen, helping skin retain moisture for a youthful look •proline: increases skin elasticity and supports structures that prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles •hydroxyproline: offsets collagen degrading enzymes, minimizing loose skin and fine lines. also supports ceramide production in the epidermis (outer layer). •arginine: essential to skin’s natural replenishing process, repairing visible damage by regulating blood flow in the skin. additional ingredients •powerful antioxidants, vitamin C & B2 create new skin cell growth and accelerate collagen production. •the neurotransmitter GABA topically relaxes the muscles and nerves responsible for wrinkling. •sealed in with emollients, squalene & isopropyl myristate to enhance the active ingredients and nourish the skin. treatment areas face + plant stem cell | 195 face package of 2 | 370 face package of 4 | 720 face + led light therapy +plant stem cell | 220 face + led light therapy package of 2 | 410 face + led light therapy package of 4 | 780 neck + plant stem, cell |160 neck package of 2 | 300 neck package of 4 | 540 décolleté + plant stem cell |160 décolleté package of 2 | 300 décolleté package of 4 | 540 face + neck + plant stem cell | 340 face + neck package of 2 | 680 face + neck package of 4 $1280 under arms 105 under arms package of 2 | 190 under arms package of 4 | 340 hands 150 hands package of 2 | 270 hands package of 4 | 500 **custom area - please inquire contraindications •retinoids/, acids/peels must be discontinued at least 7 days prior to peel service •use of accutane within the last 8 months •open wounds of any kind •any active viral, fungal, bacterial infection •pre-existing inflammatory dermatosis (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pemphigus, etc.) •skin cancer patients must be cancer free for a period of 3 years with direct written notice from their physician •planning on being pregnant, active pregnancy or nursing •history of drugs with photo-sensitizing potential •must be fully healed from any type of surgery •any allergies to listed ingredients •any allergies to asprin pre treatment - 7 days AVOID: ~waxing/sugaring ~laser hair removal ~depilatories ~electrolysis ~all exfoliants including ~retinoids, all acids and peels, physical & chemical exfoliatiants post treatment AVOID: ~AHAs, BHAs, retinoids, antibiotics, actives and any other skin thinning products ~waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal ~hair bleaching ~swimming, saunas, steam rooms ~make up products containing actives

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